Advantages of Adhesive Wall Phone Holder
Apr 20 , 2022

1. This telescopic wall bracket is suitable for mobile phones and tablets.



2. Freely stretch and increase the adjustable angle. It can be folded to the wall without taking up extra space. The maximum extension distance is 14.5cm.



3. Strong load-bearing, stable and not falling off. The bracket can bear 5kg, and the front groove is designed with silicone pads. Do not pull out the telescopic pole when placing flat or heavy objects.



4, the vibration of incoming calls does not slip. There is a non-slip silicone pad in the card slot, which can effectively prevent the mobile phone from sliding and wearing.



5. There are holes reserved at the bottom, so that the mobile phone can be charged when placed horizontally or vertically, without blocking the line and not sticking to one charging method.


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