How to choose the right laptop stand for you
Apr 15 , 2022

1. Why do you need a laptop stand?


For workers who have been in front of the computer for a long time, they may face this problem to some extent: using the computer with their heads up and using their mobile phones with their heads down


A suitable note stand can solve the problem that you often bow your head, or bow too much



2. The classification of notebook stands


♦ Tilt bracket


Features: Raise the back of the computer, so that the laptop keyboard is tilted forward, and at the same time, the computer screen is raised There are several gears to adjust the height.


Advantages: easy to carry


Cons: limited height adjustment



♦Fixed height lifting bracket


Features: The placement surface is inclined, and the height cannot be adjusted


Advantages: Relatively stable, suitable for a wide range of computers


Disadvantages: generally fixed use, not conducive to carrying



♦Stepless height adjustment bracket


Features: Its core component is the damping shaft. This component must be of good quality to be reliable. A bad damping shaft may reduce the bearing capacity of the bracket after a period of time


Advantages: very wide adjustment range, easy to find the angle and height that suits you


Cons: Expensive



♦Desktop mounting bracket


Features: more space saving, wider adjustment range, just need desktop installation


Advantages: can be raised and lowered


Cons: Expensive


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